we only glow at night

skin: *glance skins – aina (store currently closed)

hair: MOON – bitter branches

shirt: [deadwool] – venice crop top

pants: spirit store – barny pants


i keep trying to experiment with editing for each post  so that i don’t just stick with the same old boring editing style, but every time i finish i cant help but think “the post looks ridiculous” MEH anyway  i didn’t do a whole bunch here, i just liked that whole concept of when children cut out pictures of their favourite people and paste them into scrapbooks  🙂  P.S. i apologize for not having a post up last night, i was spending some time in rl and didnt have access to sl :3 LOVE AND KISSES ARIA


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well i decided to try a different style of editing and im not sure about it but HERES MY SECOND POST YAY

this look reminded me of amy blue from the doom generation ….. i think you can tell im pretty much rose mcgowan obsessed

ALSO MY BLOG HAD 42 VIEWS YESTERDAY !!!! so i want to thank my visitors from the uk, united states, brazil, denmark, mexico, venezuela, argentina and germany !!!! your support means the world to me .. LOVE AND KISSES ARIA


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hello hello welcome to my blog i am so excited to being doing this!!! fashion in second life is something i have loved for such a long time and i am so glad that i finally get to share mine with you!!! i hope you enjoy my posts and i will try to update regularly i really hope you enjoy and thank you for being really patient with me!!!! LOVE AND KISSES ARIA


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